Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pulsating Banners?
Pulsating Banners is a advertising program where you can add your banners and have them seen all over the internet.

What Size Banners Can I Add?
All banners must be 468x60 (standard size long banners) only

Is This Site Free To Join?
Yes it is and you get 1,000 free credits when joining too.

Are There Upgrades Available?
Yes, there is an optional upgrade which gives you a cool 10,000 banner impressions per month, the ability to add more banners and a higher commission percentage.

How Can I Earn Money At Pulsating Banners?
Hopefully by advertising your banners and promoting your business you are earning money but we also have a great affiliate program where we pay up to 50% commissions on sales. So for everyone you bring in that upgrades their account by paying the $5 monthly membership fee you get a nice $2.50 commission per month or even a nice yearly commission of $18.50.

Can I Buy More Banner Impressions When I Run Out?
You sure can, we sell banner impressions in different value packs ranging from just $4

The Service & Refund Policy is a service provided to you "as is" and without guarantee. Any credits free or purchased are non refundable. cannot be held responsible credits incorrectly used.

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